Gaston, SC.
Scott R. Holmes

                WILD ART TAXIDERMY  


 "The WildSide Of Art"

About Me

  I Thank my Dad for the memories of catching my very first fish. From that day on,

    my love for the outdoors began.


  Native to New England


  It still continues to this day, Started taxidermy in the early 90s with a friends deer few years later began accepting costomers. Have also attened a few Taxidermy Competitions judged by some of the best as well as there Seminars . With former Connecticut Association Of  Taxidermist, United Taxidermist Of  New York, South Carolina Association Of  Taxidermist.  National The Taxidermist Association and International Guild Of  Taxidermy. In categores of Gameheads, Fish, Waterfowl.


  Keeping up with the Taxidermy Indistry, such as suppliers with new products that give customers more options then ever. All of my Gameheads, Lifesize are commercially tanned. I also  use earliners over other metheds with earliners I can achieve thin natural looking ears. Only the finist glass eyes used in all mounts, Reference is used weather live reference, photos, study cast no guess work here.